Al-Kitteh is a small village in the north of Jordan, about an hour from the Syrian border. Since the conflict began in Syria in 2011, the number of refugee families living in Al-Kitteh began to rise. Al-mukhtar (meaning the "mayor" or "chief") noticed that the Syrian children in the village weren't in school. Because of the way the Jordanian school system works, Syrian children would need to test into the Jordanian schools, and since many had missed years of school, most of them could not pass the exam. So they mayor realized he needed to begin a school of their own. He turned the second floor of his house into a classroom and taught the children himself.

The number of kids in his class quickly outgrew his house, and with the help of Amal ou Salam, the mayor was able to move the school into its own building, right next to the mayors house. Now there are two Syrians employed as teachers for the school, together teaching about 50 children. Al-mukhtar is at the school most days, helping to teach or playing with the children.

Last year, 45 students from the school tested to join the formal education system and all of them passed.